Othello Dysfunctional Relationships Essay

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In Othello, Wuthering Heights and Translations there are dysfunctional relationships, the dysfunction in these relationships is presented through the characters incapability to solve their own personal insecurities such as Iago’s Shakespeare, Friel and Bronte explore the ways in which love can become dysfunctional and destroyed through society. Shakespeare’s Othello shows the demise of Othello through societies religious stereotypes and rejection, as although Othello is of high status being the General of the armies of Venice, due to his religious beliefs and Muslim background he is still unaccepted within society which can be seen throughout the play as we notice Othello’s ‘nickname’ and label is ‘The Moor’ and in Act One Scene One where Iago describes Othello as “an old black ram”, a “Barbary horse” and tells Brabantio that “your daughter and the Moor are making the beast with two backs” when explaining Brabantio’s daughter is having sex with ‘The Moor’, this gives the audience an animalistic depiction of Othello before he has entered the stage due to his racial and religious background which we know as ‘The Moor’ was an offensive term used in the Elizabethan period against Muslims.

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