Looking For Alaska

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“Y’all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.” (Green 44) In the book Looking for Alaska, Miles Halter enjoys memorizing famous last words. The time comes for Miles to leave for boarding school to seek the “Great Perhaps.” The Great Perhaps is the turning point in your life. When you realize that the things you once thought were so important don't really seem all that relevant anymore. Miles meets many people at Culver Creek, one of them being Alaska Young. Throughout the book we find Alaska putting herself and friends at risk and in bad situations.Which leads to her death. John Green uses risks and death a way to symbolize the life of Alaska. The three arguments I have selected were; Alaskas negativity towards herself, Attitude affects relationships and the story behind the tragedy. Every risk taken has an effect, either in a negative or positive way. Alaska’s negativity towards herself affects her…show more content…
This is because they need friends and family to support them and to help them achieve their goals. In the beginning Alaska "How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!" (Green 15)We may not be able to help Alaska with her problems, but we can definitely try to sort out the labyrinth of Alaska. Labyrinth is a paths in which it is difficult to find a way out, like a maze. If they all had positive attitudes towards each other, they would have impacted one another which may have not resulted in the death of Alaska.Miles values the moment of death rather than the individuals life. The same way that Alaska “smokes to die” rather than enjoying the time she spends smoking with her good friends.The way they looked at things could have meant so much more if the situations were looked at differently. Throughout the book we see how they were all being peer pressured by one another. Like Alaska, she is convinced to smoke and do wrong and inappropriate
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