How Does Iago Present The Nature Of Othello's Character

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In Othello, Iago is a character which brings about much excitement to the play and is a key character in making this tragedy, a tragedy. He uses his façade of being a kind and trustworthy character to manipulate others without them realising what they are doing, such as Roderigo, who is dependent on Iago, and Iago uses this to get money. He also uses other characters’ good nature to his advantage with a clear example of this being Othello and his capacity to trust others. All of his different interactions and opinions of these characters help us shape his true nature and character. Iago throughout the first act displays a clear hatred and jealously of Othello when Othello is not present, yet when Othello is with Iago it is clear that Othello…show more content…
The simplicity of Iago saying ‘I hate the Moor’ shows just how much he hates Othello as most of what Iago has a twisted and hidden meaning to hide his true motives, but him saying this shows his true colours to the audience and helps us understand further the character of Othello. Iago is acting on ‘mere suspicion’ because ‘that kind will do as if for surety’ in his opinion. This demonstrates how bitter Iago is and the fact that he says ‘mere’ just goes to shows that he knows it is probably not true but because Othello is “an old black ram” with a high sexual “appetite” Iago is extremely insecure about the rumours. However, it could also reiterate how much he hates Othello and he only needs the smallest of rumours to act against Othello. This closely links to slightly earlier on in the act when Iago says to Roderigo “Though I do hate him as I do hell pains, yet, for necessity of present life, I must show out a flag and sign of love, which

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