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Oskar Schindler made a big difference in history if it wasn’t for him there would not be many Jews today. He saved 1200 Jewish people and he wished he had saved more he felt bad for not being able to save more. He bought all of Jews he saved so they wouldn’t go to any other camps where most of them would have been killed. When he left the Jews they gave him a ring that said “He who saves a single soul, saves the world entire” the Jewish Inscription on Schindler’s ring given to him by the Jews at Brunnlitz. Unlike most of people back then that would just kill the Jews like nothing and treated them like nothing, he cared about them and tried to treat them as equal as he could and he never had them killed even when he bought him to his own camp…show more content…
When they got to his hometown the jewish people start working for them but instead of the way they were treated before he treated them good and made sure they were taken care…show more content…
One man Poldek Pfefferberg said about Oskar Schindler was “"Oskar Schindler was a modern Noah, he saved individuals, husbands and wives and their children, families. It was like the saying: To save one life is to save the whole world. Schindler called us his children. In 1944, he was a very wealthy man, a multimillionaire. He could have taken the money and gone to Switzerland ... he could have bought Beverly Hills. But instead, he gambled his life and all of his money to save us ...”. That just show what a great man he was and what a huge difference he made in the world. He treated them as equals and didn’t not treat them any different as anyone else and at the end on the holocaust they thanked him with the rings that they made out of gold that they use that were in there mouth as teeth they used that to make them those that said “ He who saves a single soul , saves the world entire” they were so grateful for what he did for them and he was so grateful when they gave him those rings he started crying because he felt for everything they had gone through and for everything they had last and all the people and family members that were killed and when him and his wife left they put on the strip jump suit that they Jewish people had to wear

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