Oskar Schindler Hero Essay

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“He who saves a single life saves the world entire.” (“Oskar Schindler” People of the Holocaust). Oskar Schindler is a man that saved the lives of many, along with risking his own life in the process. Throughout his life he faced many difficult and stressful situations, but he handled them in the best way he could, to save as many people as he could. He is a man of true character that managed to better the lives of so many people. Oskar Schindler is truly a hero because he showed care for his factory workers, bravery against the officials, and cleverness towards the Nazis. Although Schindler showed many signs of heroism, one that really stuck out was his cleverness. Schindler…show more content…
Throughout his career Schindler was devoted to treating his workers humanely. One source says that he cared greatly about the mental and physical well being of his workers. Furthermore, Schindler would transfer workers to better their chances of survival during this time period. The same source goes on to say that although it was hard for Schindler to be allowed to treat his workers in a good way, he made it possible. He gave his workers the best treatment he could at the time being. (“Learning about the Holocaust: A Student’s Guide.”) Along with treating his workers humanely, Schindler also believed that Jews are human beings just like everyone else. In addition, he hired as many Jewish workers as he could. This source also says that Schindler hired as many Jewish workers as he could to prevent them from leaving Kracow. In continuation from the same source, he helped many of them out who did not have essential jobs in the industry. (“Oskar Schindler” World History). Unlike many other Germans during this time period, Schindler thought of the Jews as human beings just like himself. This source also says he was able to "know" them and treat them like civilized people. (“Oskar Schindler” People of the Holocaust). Oskar Schindler was truly a kind and caring

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