Schindler's List Film Techniques

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In the film 'Schindler's list' by Steven Spielberg uses many significant techniques to emotionally manipulate the attitude of the viewer. Spielberg's choice of universal backdrop for mise en scene of monochrome, with colour appearing in the book ends. The ghetto massacre and the exhumation and incineration of the murdered Jews is a brilliant and carries significant impact in the film. Our film opens on a Friday night, a Jewish family lights the candle and begins the sacred prayer to welcome the sabbath. The candles glowed the beautiful orange and blue tones when the family disappears. The room drops to monochrome and the candles loses colour and changes colour to white puff. The smoke wafts up and becomes the steam of a Nazi train that carries…show more content…
The use of colour at the beginning and end of the film helps frame it as a docu- drama. It draws a distinction between present day and past black and white film. This creates a distinction between the past and present. At the end of the film the actors and the actual survivors walk by Schindler's grave and place stones on it. This shows respect and how important Schindler was to the while struggling and being punished. This sudden movement to the present, to colour and to nonfiction gives the rest of the film a distinctly realistic appearance. This scene shows us the audience that Schindler was important to the Jewish. Schindler saved over a thousand Jewish people lives by placing them in factory. The Jewish people wonder was Schindler really is a good man or was he simply in all of this for the money. Spielberg identifies that Schindler is a good man who helps save Jewish people but Schindler was also saved by the Jews. In the film Schindler's List, every Jew that was captured in Germany had this lifestyle. Either they had the rough, hard working life, or we're instantly incinerated with all of their family and friends. The movie portrayed this very well, and at times was really hard to watch as it made me feel bad just for being a human being, as no one could be that cruel even though it was real. This whole movie was about choices. Spielberg intended to send a message concerning the human rights all humans have, and attempt to further enhance our understanding of the justice system, and it's

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