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Criminal Profiling: Bringing the Guilty to Justice Crime shows such as NCIS and CSI are very popular in today’s society. If you are a fan of these shows or shows similar in content, you may be under the influence that criminal profiling is a relatively new tool in criminal investigation. However, that is not the case. The first investigation that utilized criminal profiling took place in Whitechapel, London dating back to November of 1888. In this instance the investigators approached a doctor by the name of Thomas Bond. The investigators asked Doctor Bond his professional opinion about a man who had attacked and then brutally murdered five women. The doctor provided his professional conclusions about the violent offender…show more content…
The whole point of using criminal profiling is to determine certain patterns of behavior that a serial killer displays in his/her crimes. The problem with this is that sometimes people can change their behavior. The changing of behavior can make it difficult to profile a criminal, however that does not mean that the entire process of criminal profiling is…show more content…
Every person is different which means every serial killer will have certain characteristics they exhibit in their crimes. Having many categories with certain traits that fall under that category makes it easier for profilers to narrow down the list of suspects to find the true perpetrator. The categories that are considered to make a profile of a serial killer include if they are organized or disorganized, the overlying reason they kill their victims, and where their violence comes from (personality, family problems, etc.) (Dalal et al.

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