Protest Songs Of The Sixties: Music Can Change The World

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“Music can change the world because it can change people” (Bono). History is part who we are as a world, nation, and individuals; it is important to know what changed history and to know how we got to where we are now, and music tells the story of our past. Protest songs of the sixties inspired people to change the world and speak out when they had no voice. These songs had a unity and sense of togetherness held together by the voices of artists such as Bob Dylan. These songs put life in motion and gave people a reason to fight for peace. Music has changed history for better or worse, in future and present, and forever will continue on doing so. People changed the world in the only way they knew how: through music. They came together under…show more content…
People ended up making things happen through music. They put a halt on fighting, they changed people’s minds, and they reached out. The results of protest songs were not always huge but they gave an immense amount of hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless. Music has always been a part of history and will continue on being a part of our future. It says the things we want to say, it portrays the things we feel and it is something everyone can relate to. Music is history itself. Protest songs in the sixties has impacted and changed the world. “Protest songs are not dead artifacts, pinned to a particular place and time, but living conundrums. The essential, inevitable difficulty of contorting a serious message to meet the demands of entertainment is the grit that makes the pearl” (Lynskey xiv). That is the closest…show more content…
People thought it was not Americas war to fight. They thought that we should fight for peace and love not war and violence. People were tired of seeing their loved ones shipped off to war, people dying, being consumed in sadness. Music became the only way everyday people voiced their opinions to the higher powers. “In the late 1960’s something happened to Americans that would mark them for a generations. It is a story of war, the struggle for racial equality, and the explosion of a counter culture. It was a time when a generation rebelled and lost its innocence” (The Sixties). There was so much to fight for, and music potrayed it all in a four minute

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