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In the book Age of Reason by Thomas Pain, Pain is telling us that we should all follow our own version of God. Organized religion is dark and Thomas Pain decided to shine the light on that darkness and show the world that it is filled with many holes. The Bible itself is filled with many logical inconsistencies, empirical falsehoods, and contradictions. Thomas Pain uses these methods to strengthen his Thesis that organized religions are evil and you should follow your own God and no one else’s. He constantly proves that the bible is filled with many different holes and he uses different methods in shining the light through those holes. Many religious books have logical inconsistencies. Take Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers for example. There is…show more content…
One contradiction is Satan. The Almighty threw him into a pit, but also gave him the power to escape from it, which then made him infinity, he exist everywhere at the same time, universally. Why would God give Satan the power to escape if he rightfully belongs there? An even bigger problem is after he gets out of the pit he gets the same power of God. I fail to see the point in letting someone that you already defeat continue to ruin your creation. Another contradiction is the word of God. If the word of God is real it is said to be so divine us humans cannot possibly understand it, so why even have it? God has an almighty language that isn’t meant to be understood? There is not good reason for it, and even if someone does manage to have a revelation once they start telling others it’s no longer a revelation anymore. There is also no proof that the word of God is even true, the argument that God cannot tell a lie is invalid since there is no proof of it being true. Yet another contradiction Thomas Pain states is the author of the bible itself. Moses is believed to be the only one to be able to communicate with God, which why he received the 10 commandants. However according to Thomas Pain, Moses could not be the author because of a couple of reason, I believe the most important reason was that Moses wrote about things that were not around in his time. Thomas Pain uses bible chronology to make the bible itself prove that Moses is not the author. Thomas Pain continuously proves that many of the places that are written in the bible had not been discovered or existed in the time Moses was

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