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Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act or CDA is a very important section if you are dealing with Internet content. The Communications Decency Act was created in 1996. It is Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. “Subtitle A of the Communications Decency Act makes it a crime, in interstate or foreign communications, to make obscene material available by computer to minor (Cohen, 1997).” Section 230 of CDA gives Internet service providers and other online services protection from different kinds of liability created by others. There are many different claims that Section 230 protects. There are also certain claims that Section 230 does not protect. Section 230 of CDA has been involved in many cases over the years. Section 230…show more content…
Yahoo!,Inc (2009). This case is about Cecilia Barnes who asked Yahoo! to remove fake profiles of her which contained naked photographs of her. The Yahoo! account was created by her ex-boyfriend. After months of Barnes requesting Yahoo! to remove the account, an employee from the site told her to send her previous statements made to the site. She also told Barnes that “she would personally walk the statements over to the division of responsible for stopping unauthorized profiles and they would take care of it (Barnes v. Yahoo! Inc.).” Barnes stated that she relied on Yahoo! promise to removed the profiles, and she did not do anything else to protect her reputation. Yahoo! never removed the profiles. Yahoo! was under a promissory estoppel claim. A promissory estoppel is a legal principle stating that if you promise to do something you, might be held responsible for the consequences of another’s responsible reliance on your promise, even when you have no independent legal obligation to perform the promised act (www.dmlp.org). At first Yahoo! was protected under Section 230 because Barnes had a claim of negligence . The site stopped being under the protection when they promised Barnes that they would delete the fake

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