Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros

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In the article “Only Daughter,” by Sandra Cisneros, is about a girl who struggles to win her father’s approval and feels isolated because she is the only daughter in her Mexican family. Not only was she the only daughter, but she was the only daughter of a working-class family of nine, six of which were sons. She discusses several times where she feels unimportant, until she finally receives approval. When Cisneros was young, she told her father about her college plans, thankfully he agreed it would be a good idea. However, he only felt it was a good idea because college is good for finding a husband. Furthermore, she was relieved that her father felt that way, because he wouldn’t care if she majored in “something silly,” like English. According to the article, Cisneros tries her best to chase her dream as an English writer and to have her father recognize her as “My only daughter, the writer.” Not as “This is my daughter. She teaches.” (Cisneros, 1995, P. 6)…show more content…
He would always translate it as having seven sons instead of having seven children, or having six sons and one daughter. In her mind, she felt like she was being erased from by her father; although, she knew he couldn’t mean any harm in saying it that way. Cisneros’s father always believed daughters were meant only for husbands. All she wanted was her father to understand and view her as more than someone meant only for a husband. When her brother graduated medical school, her father couldn’t have acted more proud of his son. She often wondered if she wasted all those years in college because she didn’t marry, and felt maybe it was for nothing. It took her ten years to start receiving money from her
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