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Tracy Turnblad, one of the main character in the film, Hairspray. I was surprised to see her sing at the very beginning of the movie, can’t believe a person can sing that loud at a neighbor full of people but it’s also nice to see her happy or having fun while doing it. The fact that Tracy and her best friend, Penny Pingleton, rush in to the television to watch the show The Corny Collins Show makes them a big fan of it. And suddenly, a member from the show leaves and a replacement was needed. They joined the audition and was rejected by Velma, Amber’s mother which from my perspective were very selfish of her and I think she is more than a perfectionist. After that she was sent to detention after going to classroom, late. I think it is bad to skip out school just for a simple audition but it’s fairly given that Tracy’s is simply the one to handle her decisions and her goal to be famous while dancing.…show more content…
Which then, after their introductions to each other, Tracy went on and danced by herself and suddenly, Link Larkin, a dancer in The Corny Collins Show, saw Tracy dancing which then Link and Tracy bumped each other. Which at first, I never thought of a detention room that people use to dance. At a dance, Corny Collins noticed the fantastic dance that Tracy presented. And after that, she was selected as a member of The Corny Collins Show. It was great how fast she got accepted as a member after her dance. So then, Corny Collins asked questions to Tracy and after knowing the answers to Corny Collins’s questions, Velma panicked over what to do to make Tracy leave the show. Which were so unfair as for Velma to not let the black people

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