Narrative Perspective Affects Stories

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How Narrative Perspective Effects Stories Point of view affects stories in many ways. It affects the reliability and believability in certain people and characters. Point of view can show us what certain characters are thinking or feeling, and can show us any internal conflicts. Stories that are told in first person point of view can affect the way we see the other characters in the story. Like shown in the story Night Calls by Lisa Fugard, the daughter think she knows what her father is thinking, but us, as the audience don’t know how true it is. Since this story is from first person perspective we don’t know what the other characters are thinking, which causes us to draw inferences. Lisa says “In bed, in the blackness, I listened to the night again.” (Fugard 570). When Lisa said this we know she is content at this point of the story, but we don’t know how her father or other characters are feeling, because the story is in first person point of view and we are inside Lisa’s thoughts.…show more content…
This story is affected by narrative perspective, because when Sandra is trying to help Geraldo he has no family to contact, or no form of ID. She had just met Geraldo, but does not know much about him. Sandra tries her best to help when he was hurt, but there is not much she can do. As Sandra says “The ones he left behind are far away, will wonder, shrug, remember. Geraldo-he went north… we never heard from him again. (Cisneros 561). Sandra tried her best to somehow contact Geraldo’s family, but no one knows, not even the audience because of the narrative perspective of the story and we only know what Sandra is
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