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Numerous things contribute towards the growing up and development of children. In the same way, these things can, and they do affect what a person becomes when she/he is an adult. Everything, ranging from family heritage to relatives and friends influence the growth and development of children. Kahlil Gibran’s poem on children provides an overwhelming message that the children we have are not ours. Our children are simply their own seeds and they already have everything they need within themselves. As such, the job of parents is to ensure that children are growing in the right environment – one with plenty oxygen, water, sun and nutrient-rich soil – so that they are able to sprout, unfold and develop to achieve their potential to the fullest.…show more content…
Even when he agrees that her daughter would go to college, she never questions her what she is doing in college because he thinks that college is only good for girls just to get husbands. He and his wife are very worried that their daughter completed school as well as two years of graduate school without any hint of a husband. Sandra paints a picture of how her father wasn’t supportive all along as she struggled to become a better writer, yet everything she ever wrote was for his own sake. The beginning of Cisneros memoir tells it all; "I am the only daughter in a family of six sons. That explains everything." The excerpt vividly explains how Cisneros’ father regards her. Cisneros tries to win the respect and support of her father throughout the story. She doesn’t like it when her father introduces her as, "This is my daughter. She teaches." He says that she teaches as opposed to the more respectful statement that she is a professor or teacher. This shows that her father doesn’t love her enough to be proud of her and that he holds back his reverence towards…show more content…
Gibran says that parents should give their children love and not their thoughts because children have their own thoughts. However, Sandra’s father and the entire Mexican community in which she lives in believe that a girl is only born to be someone’s wife. In from White Tiger, girls face a sterner test growing up, not even the straight A’s that the author scores can even make her to be regarded in equal terms with boys. The success of Maxine and Sandra perhaps serves as testimony that even if one can house the bodies of his children, he cannot house their souls, because, in Gibran’s words, “their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your

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