Sandra Cisneros

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Sandra Cisneros and Sherman Alexie are too interesting authors that relate in some way. Three types of autobiographical essays that they wrote are, "Superman and Me" by Sherman Alexie, "Only Daughter", and "Straw into Gold" by Sandra Cisneros. I want to focus on the ethnicity of these two authors' essays. For instance in the essay "Superman and Me" Alexie informs us that he is Spokane Indian. "Only Daughter" Sandra says that her mother is Mexican American, and her father is from D.F. She explains in "Straw into Gold", people mistook her for being able to cook mexican food only because she is Mexican American. In a similar way because Sherman's father is Spokane, he likes to read "Apache Westerns". Sandra's father likes to read fotonovelas. Like most traditional Mexican mothers, Sandra's mother liked to read and learn from cooking books. Both authors show a great example of how their parents, being the ethnicity that they are, do on their free time.…show more content…
In the essay "Superman and Me" Sherman explains that that non-Indian people thought that Indian people were stupid and don't do anything in class. As Sandra deals with a very traditional father, she wants to go to college to learn how to write. Her father wants her to find a husband other than learning how to write. Aiex-en-Provence France, she was asked to cook for some fellow Latin Americans who taught at a university. But little did she now they thought that she could cook tortillas just because she was Mexican
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