History Of Bicycle In Bangladesh

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The Growing Trend of Bicycles in Bangladesh. Zahin Mahmud Id: 1330878042 Section: 10 Submitted on: 2nd August 2014 The Bicycle Trend ii Acknowledgment I would like to thank Almighty Allah for giving me the patience and the ability to work hard with tremendous devotion. First and foremost thanks to my Course Instructor, Dr. Sanyat Sattar for his invaluable guidance, encouragement and suggestions throughout the entire ENG105 course and research work. Without his support and faith in us it would not have been possible to complete and submit this research. I would also like to thank my course mates for providing…show more content…
I will be focusing my research on how and why are people using bicycles now. I plan to investigate that it is a convenient and timesaving transport which is used not only for fashion but also as a daily transportation. In order to find out the facts I will be focusing on the next few questions: 1. For how long do you have a bicycle, whether it is new, old or second-hand? 2. For what purpose do you use a bicycle? 3. What are the advantages of having a bicycle? 4. Will people prefer bicycles over cars or other modes of transportation for travelling? 5. Will people suggest others to use a bicycle? 6. People’s willingness to spend on a bicycle and availability of bicycles. The above questions are going to be answered after I am done with my research. My research will judge the popularity of bicycles in Dhaka and state its uses and reasons for being popular. Hypothesis Since the number of cyclists is increasing day by day, I assume that it may turn out to be the next alternate vehicles to cars because our city is already congested with traffic. Bicycles require very less amount of space and are environment friendly (does not release any harmful fumes…show more content…
Another reason for choosing this bike is its looks, it is very sporty looking. The second choice according to the graph is Road bikes; this is because it is fast and comfortable. The other options chosen were relatively low and equal since fixies and commuter are not that famous yet in our country. The Bicycle Trend 13 According to the graph we can see that about 55 percent of the people who took part in the survey are unaware of the events organized by the local bicycle communities, this indicates that the groups lack promotion which would attract the huge crowd, the only promotion they do is on Facebook and in the bicycle repair shops so in order to change the scenario more promotional activities should be done. The rest 45 percent knows about the events taking place out of which 30 percent take part in it and the other 15 percent fail to join due to personal problems or their jobs. The Bicycle Trend 14 Will people prefer riding bicycles rather than using

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