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Raisin in the Sun The family dynamics that affect how the play proceeds is the relationship between every Younger because they each play a special role that connects to the conflict of the play. Mama is the oldest Younger in the family so she has most of the say of what gets to be done in the house. She also has a plant that she cares about a lot because it demonstrates her family and how it will grow. The main problem of the play is that everyone in the younger family has a dream but they cannot achieve it because they do not have the money. A family dynamic that the Youngers have is being costumed to being the first one in the bathroom before anyone else. Walter and Ruth do not have good communication because whenever she wants to talk to him the only thing he wants to talk about is owning a…show more content…
Ruth wants to tell Walter that she is pregnant; he does not giver her a chance to tell him because he only wants to talk about how he wants to invest in the liquor store. Walter is self-centered and does not believe things if he feels that they are unlikely to happen. For example, like when Mama told him that Ruth wanted to have an abortion. Lorraine stated, All Walter said was that Ruth is not capable of doing something that serious and then Ruth confirms that what Mama has said to him is true. In “Raisin In The Sun”, Lorraine stated that Travis asked Ruth for fifty cents she said no and Walter gave him a dollar even though he knew he needed it to get to work, which shows that he cares about his son. Walter then needed to ask Ruth for transportation money to get to work. Walter has screwed into his mind that being rich is everything in America so he loses interest in his family and starts finding ways to get more money. When Mama found out that Ruth was pregnant she was determined to keep everyone from fighting and wanted the house more than ever. In the play “Raisin In The Sun” Mama is a religious person, so when Beneatha takes the Lord’s name in the

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