Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

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Throughout countless generations of human evolution, we have seen how Change has affected humans of all age.Illustrating how the human race through a single individual or as a whole is always evolving and growing .In the novel their eyes were watching God we see major change in the main character Jaime as well as the evolution of ideas such as sexual awakening ,power and equality and the possibility of something more in our character's life . In the novel their eyes were watching God Janie begins as a young girl. Janie has her first sexual awakening under a newly blooming pear tree in spring, just before her first kiss with a boy named Johnny Taylor.Then she has a asort of ephiphany when she observes " a dust-bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom; the thousand sister-calyxes arch to meet the loving embrace and the ecstatic shiver of the tree from root to tiniest branch…show more content…
Then she meets Tea Cake who ultimately provides Janie with access to the horizon and is her ideal bee .In her marriage with Tea Cake Janie is able to find love and equality all at once, which is what she has always dreamed of.However it all had to stat
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