Occupational Therapist Research Paper

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An occupational therapist's goal is to help their clients be as independent and productive as possible in all aspects of their lives. Occupational therapists work with people who have physical, mental, emotional, and developmental problems. They help them to regain, develop, and build everyday living and work skills that they have lost, or sometimes, never had. Occupational therapists help people of all ages to fully engage in their daily lives. There are many fields available to specialize in such as; working with premature babies at a pediatric hospital or children with cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. Therapists also work in schools with students who have learning disabilities or behavioral problems. Some therapists are also interested…show more content…
As an undergraduate students have the choice to major in anything that interests them, as long as they make sure to take the necessary prerequisites for the OT programs they apply to. Most will require courses such as biology, kinesiology or psychology, however, most programs expect students to have volunteer work. Therefore, once a student get’s into the master’s program, this will generally take about two or three years to complete. Some students also chose to apply to a program that offers a bachelor's and master’s degree in a total of 5 years. Therefore, some students decide to further their career and go into the doctoral programs in occupational therapy. Both the doctoral and master’s program require at least 24 weeks of supervised fieldwork, in which occupational therapists gain clinical work experienced. However, some therapists decide to demonstrate their advanced level of knowledge in a specialty area, such as…show more content…
They carry out treatment plans for patients to help them with a variety of daily tasks. Occupational therapists meet new people everyday and help people of all age to help them maintain wellness. They work with clients and every client is different, weather they have a disability or illness. Every client needs their own medical attention and treatment plans and it is an occupational therapist's job to better their lives. By choosing a career in Occupational therapy, this will make a difference! Occupational therapist improve the lives of people from newborns to the very

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