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When it is all said and done, my goal is to graduate with a degree in Occupational Therapy. My dream is to be a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and to work with our country's soldiers, veterans, police officers and firemen that wounded in the line of duty. An arsenal of good writing ability and skills are an undeniable asset in the medical field. The statement from “How To Be An Employee” By Peter Drucker, are very true and relative when applied to my future job as occupational therapy assistant. In my job, not only will I need to be able to properly document a plan of care, but I will also need to be able to write appropriate assesments, and progress reports for each patient that I will pass on to my supervising Occupational Therapist.…show more content…
Not only would I be conducting and documenting initial evaluations of incoming patients. I would also be supervising Occupational Therapy Assistants, writing treatments plans for said patients, as well as writing persuasive letters advocating for therapy hours for patients to third party payers. Anything that has to do with a patient's medical record would need to be informative and properly written because I would not be the only health care professional that will have access to it. I will need to be able to communicate to everyone who is on health care team for the patient. Learning how to address different audiences will be a very helpful skill. How you would write to an insurance company denying coverage would be entirely different than how you would document goals and objectives for each

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