Psy 230 Week 9 Final Paper

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Responsibilities of an asbestos removal Cairns service The following are some of the key responsibilities of the contractor. The team should remember these essential aspects when commencing with getting rid of this dangerous material. Understanding the importance of an fibrous amphibole removal control plan When you have hired a professional asbestos removal Cairns contractor then the team should provide you a removal control plan. The control plan would specify all the measures that would be undertaken by the contractor so that the workers and other people are not at risk during the removal task. The control plan ensures that the entire process is managed in a safe way and is well planned. The plan should be created as per the situation and…show more content…
All the items that cannot be moved should be covered with plastic sheets. The contractor should ensure that the floors are covered with the woven plastic so that the fibrous amphibole cannot penetrate inside the floors. The fibrous amphibole removal contractor should also ensure that an exhaust extraction fan should be installed at the fibrous amphibole removal site. This will help to create negative air pressure in the fibrous amphibole removal site. The contractor should ensure that the team is well equipped with the personal protective equipment that includes coveralls, gloves and essential footwear as well. Additionally the workers should be having the respiratory protective equipment popularity known as the RPE so that their health is not at stake. When the fibrous amphibole removal process is completed it is necessary that the equipment and tools should be decontaminated to avoid any risks. Now let us move on to the mistakes that you often do when hiring a professional service for your chores. Mistakes that you should avoid when hiring asbestos removal Cairns

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