Health Safety Problems

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Two hospitals were surveyed to assess health and safety problems associated to these hospitals. In the thesis a comparison of a government hospital’s safety and health issues with a private hospital is given. Both hospitals were providing adequate facilities regarding to health, but some problems were there which cause hazards and the emphasis was given to try the best assess those problems and somehow that may be beneficial for the betterment of health and safety issues in both these hospitals were considered which include employees health and safety issues, waste management areas, medical and paramedical staff, patients and all relative health and safety problems and environmental problems. Hospital means maintenance and operation…show more content…
All past studies show that there were most so much work done in the health and safety issues regarding to hospitals however works had done in industries in this issue even in developing countries but hospitals are those areas which used to save the live. 1.2 Aims and Objectives To highlight the requirement for safety, health and welfare of the employees working at hospitals and what are the managerial steps have been taken to reduce the potential hazard some aims and objectives are as; • To recognize workplace hazards those are chemical, biological and physical hazards. Recognition of hazards in any occupational activity involves of workers potentially exposed to these hazards. • To evaluate the work environment possible health effects of chemical, biological and physical agents present at workplace. For evaluation of hazards MSDSs should if necessary be updated and monitored data and records of measurements should be studied. Agents with TLVs provided general guidance in deciding whether the situation is acceptable or not, although there must be allowance for possible interactions when workers are exposed to several…show more content…
• To establish control measures for the betterment of employees, working conditions and environmental conditions. 1.3 Literature Review 1.3.1 Occupational Safety and Health Problems in Hospitals Hospitals are those areas where diseases are cured, where life is saved and where public come with hope and for all that purposes the staff of hospitals should be provided with safer and healthier environment. But there are lots of OHS problems, and all that are mentioned below. (Anderson & May, 1991). 1.3.2 Hazardous Chemicals Vast range of chemicals and substances are used in hospitals, in different sort of treatments, in different departments or sections of hospital. Some substances and chemicals are not dangerous but mostly have a high potential to cause harm and ill health and causes certain type of physical health problems having such type of physiochemical properties (Ridley, 2004); • Explosive • Oxidizing • Extremely flammable • Highly flammable • Flammable Cause health effects

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