Obstacles Of Moving To School

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One of the biggest obstacles in my life has been school. School was always hard for me because when I was little I would move school to school city to city and it wasn’t easy on me. I would try my best to make new friends and try to make good grades. Another problem I had was the fact that my parents weren’t together they had been divorced right after I was born. I was lived with my mom ever since I was young and we stopped moving when I was in the fifth grade we moved to woodland in Houston. When I was in elementary school I never had a lot of friends because I was always the kid from out of town. So not many people would talk to me but that really changed once we move to Houston. My family and I moved there when I was in my last year of elementary, the fifth grade to be exact. So by the time I went to Houston it was a totally different place and I was changing the way I thought about things. I was really starting to hate school because of all the times I moved and I thought it was pretty useless. So I stopped caring about my grades and just stop caring about a lot of things. I would only get to see my dad every once in a while on breaks and vacations I had. It was hard growing up with just my mom she didn’t graduate high school and my dad was…show more content…
My mom would try to help me with my work but she could only do so much so I needed my dad to help me get through my high school career and make sure I graduate. My dad graduated college and became a successful high school science teacher. He decided that he wanted to better himself for me did whatever he could do to graduate college. So I decided I needed to live with him and put myself to the test to make sure I graduate so I can be successful and make sure I can do right by mom and take care of

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