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I distinguish myself as a person with an abundant amount of interests and range of skills that can give me many career opportunities. Although my experience for the past six months has changed my mindset of becoming a psychologist into studying business. My transition within career options was not because of lack of interest, but because I was offered the opportunity to study cosmetology and finish my last year of high school at the same time based on my academics. I would not want my education to stop after the completion of a technical school, on the contrary I want to keep expanding it. Going to college has always been an accomplishment that I want and will achieve, I don't see it as an option, but as a requirement that I have made for myself. I knew that I was…show more content…
My motivation to extend my education has always been there, I have never given up. Coming from a family of immigrants, including myself, I have always focused on overcoming the obstacles that come across my way to keep moving forward for myself and my family. Growing up I was always told by my parents that we could not afford failure in our household, I have always kept that in mind and to this day I have always put my education first. Throughout my junior year I figured that I could not apply to any scholarships, due to the fact that I was not a U.S. Citizen, I believe that this was the greatest obstacle that came up my way. After submitting my academic history into the Department of Homeland Security to receive an identification and an opportunity to work legally, I was given the opportunity to continue my education after high school and receive a social security number because I was always focused on my work ethic. When

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