Observation In The Classroom

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1. The classroom - Seating arrangement: The seating arrangement consist of six rows of individual chairs with table attached. Some of them are for left-handed people, which is nice. - Classroom equipment: The classroom is fully equipped. It has a huge blackboard that occupies the whole front wall, but also a computer, a projector and a screen. It has a a little stage for the teacher as well. - Space, light, warmth, noise: The classroom has a nice size: Neither too big nor too small. You can not feel neither isolation nor claustrophobia. Moreover, the whole back wall is full of windows (as the picture shows). Thus, the artificial light is barely used (yet the screen has its own light). The position of the classroom in the faculty makes it practically…show more content…
Activities (make notes on the kind of activities and the kind of groupings used) The first activity is a correction error. The teacher uses the screen in order to show common mistakes that student may did in a previous exercise. The second activity consists in explain theory. The teacher uses this time a power point so as to explain her students how to write a motivational letter. The third activity is a speaking exercise. She makes her students grouped together in pairs or in groups of three. Then, she explained more theory (about conditionals this time) and finally she asks the young adults to came up with some examples of conditionals and deliver it. The fourth activity is another error correction. Homework, this time. They did it all together. The last activity is another speaking. 3. What languages are used in the class? (Specify which ones and when they are used) English as a general rule. However, some students talk in Catalan or Spanish every time the teacher is not around them and the teacher herself used it one time in order to clarify a doubt. 4. The…show more content…
They have to write down some examples of conditionals and my chosen student, a black-haired boy, is paired with the girl who is next to him. They do not seem to know each other very well. The poor guy is doing the whole exercise almost on his own because his partner does not seem interested on it. He is obviously not interested either, but I suppose the fact that they have to hand in this exercise is making him work. He talks always in Catalan showing his loss of interest in the subject. At this moment his partner suggests an example and he kindly rejects it. It is a very bad example, to be honest. He looks for a better one on the book. He has always his phone on the table, but he does not use it. In this two-minute period he has sighed

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