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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food” (Prudhomme, as cited in Brainy Quotes,n.d.). Taiwan is internationally famous for the best street food markets in the world. However, food is not the only element that makes Taiwan a great destination to travel to during the holidays. There are other numerous fascinating determinants that attract millions of tourists yearly. Thus, Taiwan may be a suitable destination for a middle-class American family of four, the Walker family consisting of two adults in their early 40s along with two teenagers with the son aged 15 and the daughter aged 13. The children just started their summer holiday and the family is planning a two week holiday to Taiwan. Therefore, it is important to explore the pros and…show more content…
In this case, one of Taiwan’s biggest limitation is its lack of transportation. Although there are a variety of transportations such as the metro system (MRT) available to main cities such as Taipei at a low cost and is highly convenient, however, there is simply no public transportation going to the more remote areas. (Transport in Taiwan, n.d.) This leaves the Walker family less option of destinations to travel to. Moreover, the language barrier is another difficulty for the Walker family. Most cities have clear English label at public areas such as the train stations and bus terminals, but at more rural locations signs and announcements are predominantly written in Chinese. (Lack of English Announcements, signs make life difficult for foreigners: expats, 2013) Also, the official language in Taiwan is Mandarin, whilst Taiwanese are also spoken by the natives so communication will be a challenge for them. Since the Walker family only speak English and with the lack of English signs, they will encounter some complications while traveling. Indeed, Taiwan has its flaws, but there are more positive sides to Taiwan than its negative…show more content…
It consists of four themes which are the “Wild West”, “South Pacific”, “Arabian Kingdom” as well as the “African Safari”. The variation of themes makes the park an interesting place for teenagers to explore. Moreover, the park provides more than 30 exhilarating roller coasters and animal zoo. Interestingly, it also offers musical water shows, massive parades and including spectacular dance shows for its guests. (General Info, n.d.) All the entertainments provided makes it suitable not only for teenagers but for adults as well. In addition, cycle touring in Northern Cross Island Highway will offer an extraordinary experience for the Walker family. It is famous for a number of things such as its delicious tofu, the Qing dynasty facades, and the gorgeous view. The road winds through the countryside where there are many great stops such as the flower farms and settlements including the mausoleum of the former leader, Chiang Kai-Shek. Along the road, it also leads to captivating waterfalls, caves, forest reserves, hot springs and ancient trees (Introducing North Cross-Island Highway, n.d.) allowing the Walker family to experience the tranquility of rural parts in Taiwan. The elevation of the road is not too high (Biking in Taiwan, 2008), so it is not too difficult and is a healthy exercise for them. In

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