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The Freedom Riders. The goal of the American civil rights movement was to allow all races to be treated as one. Although, it took a lot of tries and lives lost for the movement to achieve for equal rights. Today, people are able to be treated as one because of the movement. The Freedom riders were an important addition to the Civil rights movement and impacted the course of history in the south, but a lot of damage were done towards them. The harm inflicted towards the Freedom Riders were that, they were beaten as they were going to the south. The southern citizens and KKK members attacked the first greyhound bus when they entered a town in Alabama. The mob was armed with Bats, Pipes, and more weapons. One of the Mob members threw a bomb…show more content…
Robert Kennedy’s Assistant was also attacked after attempting to save the riders. It was a man named Jim Cowling who rescued the victims and threatened to shoot one of the mob members as the man was swinging his bat towards a knocked down rider. (Wallace Sharp, 42) One more harm inflicted towards the riders is that they were arrested while being protected by the military and was placed in a confined prison and were treated horribly in prison. The riders were beaten by the wardens and the other inmates. About 328 riders were imprisoned during 1961 and filled multiple prison cells. They were imprisoned for 3 months until they were released. The riders were treated differently by the other inmates. They were harassed and treated poorly by everyone. (Wallace Sharp,…show more content…
(History) The south still contained bus segregation laws and the Freedom Riders began to draft out plans. And this caused the Freedom Rider buses to flood the south. Another reason why the Freedom Riders formed is because of the violence towards African Americans, and like others. They wanted to stop it and change everything. In addition, the Freedom riders was formed as well because of the bus segregation laws in the south. This sparked the idea of riding the greyhound buses to the south to challenge the segregation laws.

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