Pros And Cons Of Physician Recruitment

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2Methods of physician recruitment: • Use sponsor representatives to identify interested physicians • Partner with local site management organizations (SMO) • Ask the physicians in the field to suggest interested colleagues • Recruit and raise awareness at conferences or health check-up camps Selecting Hospitals: • Identify eligible hospitals from the hospital database • Utilize sponsor representatives to identify potentially interested hospitals • Register hospital through physicians who work there and are interested in registry • Reach out to physician contacts or hospital administrators through relevant professional societies or hospital associations. • Checkout for the required facilities at the site • Checkout for the availability of support…show more content…
Methods of ensuring institutional, physician and patient confidentiality needs to be clearly explained in all registry-related documentation. Case report forms and patient logs must be designed to minimize patient identification Data collection: When designing a patient registry, it is important to consider the registry’s purpose and target population as this will effect the type of data, source(s) of data, and the manner in which it is collected. A data dictionary defining the specific data elements to be collected is key to ensuring registry data quality. Compliance of physicians and patients who provide registry data is instrumental to data collection and should be addressed early Three sets of documents together form the system for 2data collection. The first is the case report forms (either paper or electronic forms). These are the forms whereby data is gathered in the field, entered into coded fields, and transmitted to a data management centre. The second is a data dictionary which contains a detailed explanation of each variable used in the registry. For example, the question may be “Do you smoke?” (which can be defined has period of tobacco smoked within the last

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