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Dante Alighieri was born in 1265 in Florence Italy. He created The Divine Comedy around the time he was exiled from Florence Italy, and he finished the book before he died. (“Dante Biography”). The Divine Comedy is made up of three parts that’s called inferno, purgatory and paradise. He wrote the epic poems because of Florence political problems and numerous other things like Beatrice Dante really care about her, but they didn’t get married. She play huge role in the epic poems. The inferno has 34 canto that tells the story about him entering the nine circles with a fellow poet Vigil. Dante would see how each punished their sins in hell. During the journey they’re many Historical, Social and Cultural Context. In the Inferno, they’re full…show more content…
They’re epic poem like the odyssey and the play Julius Caesar that is mention in the Inferno. The bible was kind of big in the Divine Comedy because hell was inspiring from it. In the bible it has the seven deadly sins that influenced the nine circles of hell like lust in circle 2, gluttony in circle 4, and wrath in circle 5. They’re many bible reference like Mohammed, Saint Peter and Lucifer. The big one was when Dante went to the ninth circle of hell of Juecca. Lucifer was three headed monster with wings that was trapped in ice. He was eating Brutus, Cassius and Judas because what they did to Julius Caesar. The worst sin was betrayal. Another bible reference was the idea the of hell. Hell was describe as hurtful place with hot rock, dangerous flames and terrible at atmospheres (Hunt). Mythological also influenced the Inferno. (Hunt) Character like the Cerberus. When Dante enter the third circle of Gluttons. He saw a Cerberus a three headed dog, but Virgil threw mud into the Cerberus mouth. Charon is another mythology character that took Vigil and Dante on the boat ride in the river Acheron. Minotaur a half men and bull, Minos a created that that pick up the soul with his tail to located which nine circle that the souls. They’re many more mythology creatures and people. The inferno would have couple of mythology place like the river Acheron and the river Styx. Classical author and literature…show more content…
The Divine Comedy would became really popular and it would impacted Europe. The Divine Comedy was really inspiring from the Greek photosphere .The Inferno was written in Italian. In the most part of the Western Europe, Italian became the number one language .The Divine Comedy had to do something with it. Giovanni Boccario wrote a whole biography about Dante, and he would became the first person ever to do a public lecture on The Divine Comedy (Quinones). The Divine Comedy would became phomeical and it change society during his time. Famous poets like William Butler, T.S. Eliot and William Shake sphere mentions great things about The Divine Comedy. According William Shakespeare, he said “They dived the modern world between them. There is no third

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