Essay On Personal Values And Decision Making

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Essay #1 – Personal values and decision making (analyzing an ethical system) Using class discussions, exercises, and relevant chapter(s) of your text as a guide, state your core values and analyze your own personal code of ethics. Based on these values and principles, briefly describe the process you use to make decisions when faced with an ethical dilemma. Personal values play an important role in achieving happiness and having our own personal code of ethics help us facing ethical dilemma. It will define who we are and show the way we treat others people, problems and the world outside. It will guide us even when rules are absent. Core values and personal code of ethics will show us the meaning and purpose of our life. Thus, this essay will describe…show more content…
Core values can individuals to comprehend what is right from wrong; they can assist organizations with determining in the event that they are on the right way and satisfying their business objectives; and they make an unflinching and constant aide (ExamplesofCoreValues, 2015). My top five values are honest, positive, responsibility, family and health. First, honest is the telling of the truth or able to be trusted and not likely to steal, cheat, or lie. If I tell the truth to others, I will be much more release then telling a lie. It will be something stuck in my head; I am confused and feeling sin. In addition, if the others know that I am telling the lies, they will not trust me anymore. It is hard to gain others trust when I lose them once. Second, positive is full of hope and confidence, or giving cause for hope and confidence. In one’s life, there will be many obstacles. It can take us down and make us become a hopeless person. When we are despondent, our life basically come to an end. Therefore, I am always positive about life, I will find something good in even darkest thing in my life. In that way, I will never be down. It keeps me happy and stay away from distress. Third, responsibility is something
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