Caring Science: Belonging Before Being As Ethical Cosmology

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Being sensitive towards others well-beings, need and struggles is being caring. An intuitive behavior showing caring may be by simply asking “How are you?” with the intention of getting a genuine answer, helping old lady caring her groceries to home and willing to help other regardless of limited time frame. These things looks simple in everyday life for ordinary people, there is one profession which is based on caring science ‘NURSING’. The heart of nursing is caring. In this reflective paper I am going to present my view on caring I nursing on the basis of Jean Watson’s article in “Caring Science: Belonging Before Being as Ethical Cosmology” followed by my own view and my experience regarding the care. Dr. Jean Watson is a nurse theorist…show more content…
If one or more theories are used simultaneously are necessary of a more balanced integrated view. Further she explains, relational caring model has emerged to support the both/ and ethical decision making approach by preserving humanity and treating a person as a whole. Similarly, nurse should be aware of own belonging that is in connection with universal field of consciousness of sources of energy/ spirit before being that is setting up own principles, and values that can help to make us a whole. Being stands for being in the world that means we are part of the universe we are not separate or in separation that allows us to bring care and love in our caring as shares existence of the universe. Furthermore she explains nursing is not fixing physical human body it is about curing people as a whole putting on mind that they are also like us theory are not separate from us.(Watson,…show more content…
The new light of caring- relational ethics of nursing is emerging to heal those people, who are in need of that love care and belonging. Nursing has proved that it is not the end it is the beginning new era of the science of caring. Nursing is moving out from conventional, clicicalized-midicalized, mechanical way to the being that is honorable and devoted to the higher/ deeper way of belonging.(Watson, 2005) From my learnt experience being a nurse, I value caring is the heart of nursing. Nursing is rewarded for caring since the period of Florence Nightingale. I choose the nursing career because I loved to help people in suffering so Nursing for me is to help those people to integrate into their previous healthy life as much as possible or helping them free from suffering. I can achieve mu goal only if I take them as a part of me, part of universe. I never thought like I am fixing him/her to restore his /her life. I loved all of my patient and cared them as a

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