Symbols In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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“I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside of me. I cannot even explain it to myself” (40). Gregor Samsa says this after transforming into a giant insect because no one can understand what he is feeling or what he is thinking. Although he is not a bug, this is a metaphor for Franz Kafka’s life because he feels as though he is an outsider, that he is different from everyone else. Through his characters, themes, and symbolism in The Metamorphosis, Kafka reflects on his own private life. The word metamorphosis is defined as the transformation of an insect from an immature form to an adult form (Shmoop 1). In The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, who is the soul provider of the family, changes into a large…show more content…
The whole novel symbolizes many elements like the furniture, the picture frame, and the apple. At first, Gregor wishes for his furniture to be removed from his room. Then as his mother and his sister, Grete, start moving the furniture Gregor feels as if “they were clearing out his room; depriving him of everything that he loved…” (35). He does not want his furniture removed because it is like they are taking what is left of his human past (Bloom 204). As they begin to withdraw his desk from the room he wonders to himself, “Why had they taken his desk away?” That is where “he had done his homework on when he was a student at business college, in high school, yes, even in public school” (35). In an attempt to try and salvage some of his belongings, when Gregor spots a painting of a woman clad in furs he “hurriedly crawled up on it and pressed himself against the glass” of the picture frame. Gregor clings to the woman because he knows that if he stays there it is the one thing that he can save from his former human life. Lastly, Gregor’s father, Mr. Samsa, throws an apple lodging it into his son’s back. The apple is a symbol of realization from the bible. “By the apple “Your eyes shall be opened” (Nervi 1). After this abusive and unfortunate event, Gregor can now see clearly. His eyes are opened to the fact that his family will never be the same as it once was and his father will never love him unless he…show more content…
Samsa’s relationship is not the average father and son relationship. Mr. Samsa only shows Gregor a minuscule amount of affection if he is doing what Mr. Samsa wishes, which is to go to work and be the provider of the family. Mr. Samsa is very violent. For example, he kicks Gregor in the back, throws apples at him, and hits him with a cane. Mr. Samsa is also careless towards his son’s feelings. In Chapter three, Grete decides she has had enough. She says, “My dear parents, things can’t go on like this. Maybe you don’t realize it, but I do. […] we have to try to get rid of it” (51). Mr. Samsa agrees and states, “She’s absolutely right” (51). The physical abuse and lack of support caused by Mr. Samsa is one thing that led to Gregor’s ultimate

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