Nurse Entry Level

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Describe the various routes to becoming a registered nurse (RN). What are the pros/cons of each? What do you believe the entry level should be and why? There are three major pathways that one may follow to obtain training in order to be eligible for National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) testing. They include Diploma of Nursing, Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). Training occurs in hospital based programs to four year colleges (How to Become a Nurse, 2014). Each of these pathways have positives and negatives. The greatest benefit of a diploma program is that the student works as an apprentice under a licensed registered nurse allowing early exposure to hands on patient…show more content…
The basic entry level of the nurse should be based on the individual’s long term ambitions as a professional nurse. As we know not all nursing positions require a BSN or higher education. I do understand that there is a movement among institutions to hire individual who have obtained a BSN as they can easily move into positions of leadership and education easier. I feel that this may be based on the fact that it shows that an individual can be dedicated to the rigorous requirements of higher education and not that an individual can perform duties as a nurse. Being a paramedic for greater than 20 years I have witnessed trends that are following those of nursing, having paramedics pursue advanced degrees and becoming certified as an advanced practice or primary care pre-hospital advanced level paramedics. Changes in national health care will force lower level provider to pursue higher levels of education as the system will be more dependent on mid-level practitioners. Whether you are a nurse or paramedic in order to be an effective expert provider one must gain experience through hands on patient care. I believe that advanced degrees should have a minimal number of patient care hours before they can apply for a program. I am sure that we can all think of diploma or ADN nurses that have large skill sets and on the job education than those of new grad BSN nurses. These individuals are often faced with workplace hurdles when pursuing career advancement as they don’t have a higher level
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