Northern Region Differences

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The Northern Region and the Southern Region were recognized as very different and distinct from each other for many reasons. Naturally, the obvious observation of the differences between the two regions’ was climate and geography. Secondly, the economy was drastically different between the two regions. Next, there were distinct differences between the societal structures between the two regions. Lastly, the North had more transportation accessibility, giving an advantage over the South in obtaining resources. Evidently, the North and South were on extreme opposite ends of the spectrum post Civil War era. The most obvious difference between the two was the climate and geographical conditions. The Northern climate is warm summers with extreme winters, including extremely cold snowfalls. The Southern climate is much more humid and hot in the summers, with large amounts of rain, unlike the nearly dry region of the North. The Southern climate is optimized for agriculture, making it its largest industry, while the North is more suited for…show more content…
One major difference was the abundance of canals, (mainly the Erie Canal) and other large waterways, which the south lacked. The North was able to use these canals to their advantage, transporting many resources and materials much more efficiently than the South could ever hope to match. To add to this advantage, the North also contained most of the railroads in the country. According to mr, the North had about 30,000 miles of track, while the South had much less and were still dependent on the old-fashioned steamship. Because the North had such an advantage in terms of transportation, the businesses grew rapidly, compared to the slow development of the South. To state a solid fact, the North had much more transportation methods and access, shadowing the small methods of the
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