How Did World War 1 Affect The Western World

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World War One was a military conflict that involved countries all throughout the world. Each country that became involved in this war were each powerful in their own way. Many nation-states of Europe had different societies and cultures. People from northern and western Europe live differently compared to Europeans that lived in the southern eastern region. However, these countries governments gained power because of their countries resources, military, alliances, and technology. What was once known as the “Great War”, changed and effected the world forever. Countries all throughout the earth such as Brazil, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, and Liberia joined the war because of their alliances with countries already in the war. Powerful…show more content…
Living in Europe during the twentieth century was completely different according to where exactly one lived. Northern western areas of Europe had more capitalist countries while communism was more popular in southern eastern regions. This caused some issues because countries on different sides of Europe had completely different government systems which had an impact on the war. These countries’ governments influenced their people. Since the western side of Europe was more capitalist, civilians had strong drives to work and build. For example, Britain was considered to be a more advanced technology country. The British took advantage of the resources that they had to create new things or technology. Also there were better systems of education. This is why life in the North West was completely different. People in the southern east region of Europe were forced to work and some people were not as educated as they should have been. The northern western region started to develop modern towns as opposed to the other side where most countries only had country sides. These regions were so different because of their government’s system, use of resources, creating technology, development and

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