The Importance Of Music In The Development Of Character In Youth

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Music dates back to the Egyptians and also the birth of Christ, we have seen music transform or even break people apart these are the things we need to consider in music how it makes you feel and how it would build you as a person and these are the following reasons why music plays an important role in the development of character in a teenager. Some music I would be expending more on my essay as to how it develops the image of teenagers and not the character of them. Teenagers are known as very complicated molecules and that could be right and I myself was once a teenager and it was there most difficult times of my time but music build character, before we judge teenagers on what they do first we have to see if what they are doing correct meaning the music that they listen to will tell you what time of person they are. Teenagers are still discovering themselves and they do that through music and what they expertise through it. some music may make you feel as though that when you’re going through problems the best way out of it is through suicide and that does could their judgment and to this music would make you have mixed emotions and more likely seem as though you are doing drugs and not thinking straight.…show more content…
Some development through music is not as bad as others. Some music such as American hip hop really does not show you how to react to things the way that it should be handled and that would help them but would just generally destroy the people in their mind and they have to become more helpful to

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