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NATURAL RESOURCES As the world’s most isolated country, North Korea sends several attitudes causing negative relations around the globe. North and South Korea used to be only one nation, but after a long war the country split into two. The southern part of the country became South Korea, a highly profitable nation with many exports, and the northern part of the country became North Korea, a country with a highly unprofitable future. The summers of North Korea take place being temperate and rainy, but the winters stand as being long and bitter. The country exhibits veiled hills and mountains separated by deep, narrow valleys with wide coastal plains in west. The country struggles to sustain its natural resources like coal, lead, tungsten, zinc, graphite, magnetite,…show more content…
The country stands highly unforthcoming about releasing information to the rest of the world, but several documents stay hidden from outside eyes. In September 2015, North Korea threatened the United States and other enemy countries with the unpleasant news that their nuclear plant came to be back in operation, and they would be able to deploy a nuclear attack. This news took the rest of the world aback, because North Korea will continue making enemies with the rest of the world for several years. They would now possess the capability to kill off millions of people in any city that they chose, and one of the only ways to fight back against their colossal army would either lead to another world war, or the genocide of an entire culture. This information came about as some of very few documented pieces of information sent to the world via news sites, letters, satellite, and social media. The news of North Korea having the ability to produce such technologies as nukes, atomic bombs, and long-range missiles came through as hair-raising news that spread throughout the globe. ADVANCED

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