A Summary Of Booth's Assassination

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The day of April 14, 1865 a well known actor by the name of John Wilkes Booth woke depressed because the confederacy was dead. Booth hated Lincoln for this and wanted revenge. The same morning a letter came in the mail that the President will be attending the play, Our American Cousin, at Ford's theater.When Booth heard about this he immediately started to plan his revenge on President Lincoln. Booth decided to go and visit a boardinghouse on H street only a few blocks from Ford’s theater to ask a favor from Mary Surratt to deliver a small package to her tavern to later pick up the package and also guns and ammunition. For Booth’s choice of weapon he chose a .44 caliber, single shot, muzzle-loading pistol and a Rio- Grande camp knife. Booth packed his items that he would be needing to travel that night. He only took a compass, keys, a whistle, a date book, a pencil, some money, a small knife, and a few other small items such as photographs of his five favorite girlfriends.…show more content…
They all had talk about kidnapping the President but they didn't all go as far as thought of assassinating him. George Atzerodt was to assassinate the Vice President, Andrew Johnson. Lewis Powell was to assassinate the Secretary of State, William H. Seward. David Herold was to accompany Lewis Powell to guide him through the assassination and later meet up with Booth. Booth was to assassinate the President, Abraham Lincoln. David Herold and Lewis Powell were loyal to Booth unlike George Atzerodt who Booth had to threaten to go through with the

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