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North Korea William Beckman INTL 443 Matthew Degn September 27, 2015 This paper will be from the point of view of North Korean Intelligence leader. Will be showing a non-lethal show of force through the different intelligence disciplines. Discussing OSINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, GEOINT, and cyber will show how this INT’s will be used. Talking about the strategy to spook the United States and see what their defensive strategies are. First, will be discussing OSINT. Having the OSINT as a capability is very resourceful. Sending people to South Korea and even Hawaii to collect open source intelligence from any type of big event going on at the time and even going around where news caster are doing stories will allow North Korea…show more content…
Sending aircraft surveillance over South Korea and Japan to capture imagery of Government buildings and Military bases allows North Korea to get a better understanding of what type of damage can be delivered by destroying these targets. Also seeing what defenses the country will put up seeing aircraft in the immediate area. Getting imagery of military facilities also allows North Korea to see what assets the United States and South Korea have such as intelligence assets and military assets. It is low probable that the aircraft assets will be successful in collecting the intelligence based on how well protect the military bases are and most military installations are no fly…show more content…
HUMINT being the oldest form of intelligence collection makes it a very resourceful capability. Sending North Korean agents to South Korea to collect intelligence close to military bases to see what activities are happening, also seeing what type of exercises are being ran. Sending agents to the DMZ to see how the security is there, how populated the DMZ is, and also how many American to Korean soldiers are there. This allows the North Koreans to see how likely or unlikely it is to take the DMZ by force. GEOINT will also assist in this plan. Sending HUMINT assets to Hawaii helps gather intelligence on military activity in that region. Understanding what the military is doing in that region allows North Korea to get a better understanding of what they will face if they decide to make a tactical move in that region. Sending agents in both South Korea and Hawaii will be very easy due to the fact tourist travel in the regions all the time and are looked over more often than not. Having the intelligence from Hawaii is also important because North Korea can also gather intelligence about upcoming events and high power individuals that travel there frequently. Gathering this intelligence is highly probable and should be done very

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