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B14. N37. 10/31. O75. 7/15. BINGO! Are you excited that you won or frightened that you were selected? That depends on what Bingo you were playing. One version of the game is when the colorful, numbered balls are called and people place a marker on their number. The other version is that when the balls are called, they revealed the fate of a soldier and whether or not they are required to risk their life for their country. In July, I volunteered to call Bingo at the Delaware Valley Veterans Association. I was especially excited because my Poppop had been working there for a year and half and I was looking forward to working with him everyday. When I reported to my volunteer coordinator, I was debriefed on the mission of calling out these highly important numbers. I met the “Captain of Bingo”, Mary, who told me that many of the veterans were over 85 and that some of them had hearing and vision problems. She suggested I talk slowly when I call numbers. Mary had a somber face when she said to me, “These guys take their Bingo very seriously.” I scoffed at her comment and took it as a joke. I thought, “how could people that are this elderly care about a silly little game?”…show more content…
In the loudest voice I could find, I started calling out the numbers as they popped up, “B1! N36! O64! N35! B2! ...O64!” I was proud of the job I was doing so far until I started to hear some grumbles. It was muffled but I could hear some of the veterans yelling. I turned off the component of the machine that mixes the balls to hear disgruntled marines and aggrieved midshipmen telling me that I had said a number twice. I was baffled as to why they were so upset. I know it’s an important game to them and their frustration over this mistake is justified, but we are talking irate. And over a Bingo number? I wondered if there was more to it than met the

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