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Background Korea has been seperated for a long 68 years, and has lived through over four decades of horrible foreign occupation. It relies only on a 60 year old truce instead of a peace treaty. There are many problems occurring today in North Korea. One example are 5 political prison camps being held. These camps hold around 100,000 innocent north korean citizens. Some of these camps are the size of cities, and they have continued five times longer than the Nazi concentration camps in Germany. Adding to the problem, the North Korean regime has laws put in place that make it illegal to leave from North Korea. To brainwash their citizens starting at a young age, their propaganda begins in nursery school a primary focus of the curriculum for all students is to memorizing the history of Kim Jong Un and his relatives. UN involvement There are many resolutions that have been passed in the UN to help solve this issue. Some examples are resolutions 1718, 1874, 2087, and 2094. The resolution 1718 “banned a range of imports and exports to North Korea and imposed an asset freeze and travel ban on persons involved in the country’s nuclear program” ( All the resolutions passed made a great effort, however none have been completely successful in preventing future creation of nuclear…show more content…
The United States and North Korea have had tension between each other because of North Korea issuing near-daily nuclear threats. There are many signs that a North Korean attack on the United States may be becoming more likely of actually happening. For example, North Korea has already made a nuclear warhead that is small enough to fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile that in the future could possibly reach towards the U.S. mainland. In addition, an analysis of satellite imagery found that they might also be trying to further expand its stockpile of nuclear

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