No One Would Tell Analysis

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No One Would Tell During the video No One Would Tell, I specifically paid attention to a certain relationship between Bobby and Stacy. Bobby and Stacy’s relationship got out of control quickly when Bobby began to become a controlling partner to Stacy. There were instances in the video when Bobby would use physical harm by hitting Stacy. For Example, one of these instances happened when Bobby was going to wrestling practice after he yelled at Stacy for embarrassing him by dressing a different way or as Bobby viewed her looking like a “slut”. However, Stacy followed him because she kept telling him how she dressed that way for him. Bobby would not accept it and smacked her, some of the other wrestlers saw this happen and the coach went over to Bobby and Stacy, and Bobby said that she slipped and fell down. Stacy, being scared, agreed with Bobby and said she slipped. Furthermore, another example of Bobby being a controlling boyfriend was when he got mad at Stacy for talking to other boys, or even her friends. I remember Bobby confronted Stacy in the hallway at school and asked her why she wasn’t replying the night before. Stacy told him she was studying with her friends. Bobby was offended because he thought she didn’t want…show more content…
But, if I wasn’t to do anything, if something really immoral were to happen to Stacy, it is possible that we would lose our friendship because I didn’t make an effort to help her. In this situation, I would tell an adult, definitely Stacy’s mother and a few trustworthy staff at the school, such as the guidance office where the family helper is. Maybe I would even tell the police to keep an eye on the two, Bobby and
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