Cinderella Versus Grimm's Fairy Tales

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Fairy Tales: Disney vs Grimm Brother’s Everyone at some point has seen or heard of the Disney fairy tales such as the well-known Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and so on and so forth. Disney is well known for their happy ever after’s, but where did they get the ideas from? A majority of Disney’s movies and stories are an adaption of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales; which aren’t nearly as heartwarming as Disney portrays them as. However, what is the major differences between Disney and Grimm tales? Some of the differences between Disney and Grimm tales are that Disney is more child appropriate, and light hearted. However, Grimm tales aren’t child friendly, and more gruesome. There are also some similarities however, both stories have happy…show more content…
In Disney’s version Cinderella is living with her mother and father until one day her mother dies. Her father then remarries an evil and cruel woman who has two daughters, who are just as cruel. However, later on the father dies, leaving Cinderella under the care of her stepmother. One day the King decides that his son should find a suitable bride so he sends out an invitation to every suitable bride in the land. Cinderella is excited until her Stepmother quickly shuts down her idea, stating she can only go if she finishes her chores, and finds something suitable to wear. Cinderella rushes to her room, retrieving an old dress of her mothers. However, when she sits down to alter the dress, she’s called away by her Stepmother who gives her a long list of chores she has to complete in order to go. She does end up finishing the chores, but when she rushes downstairs with the dress on the sister’s rip up the dress, saying she stole items from them. Distraught, Cinderella rushes out back and quietly sobs on a bench where she is later approached by her Fairy Godmother, who grants her wish of going to the ball by giving her a new dress, glass slippers, and transforms a pumpkin into a Carriage. After arriving at the ball the prince quickly notices her and rushes to her side to dance, they danced until the chime of midnight; where Cinderella…show more content…
However, they’re both very different as well. In the Disney version the ball lasts one night, but in the Grimm version the ball lasts three nights. Another difference is that its unsure of if the father actually dies in the Grimm version, they just stop talking about him. Finally a major difference is the endings, in the Disney version nothing happens to the sisters, everyone ends up happily ever after. However in the Grimm version, the sisters get their eyes pecked out by birds leaving them blind, and it’s not mentioned if Cinderella and the Prince end up happily ever

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