Stereotypes Revealed In Grimm's Fairy Tales

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When we were young kids, our parents filled our heads with fairy tales for entertainment before it was time for bed. Cinderella is one of the main fairy tales handed down from one generation to the next leading others to recreate the classic fairytale. Although the original author of Cinderella is unknown, there is speculation that the Italians created the first version. In 1634, the first written version was published in Napoli by Giambattista Basile,. It was later revised, by the Grimm brothers folk tale collection “Grimm’s' Fairy Tales” in 1812. The brother's Fairy Tales was not suitable for children, because their stories included sex, violence, incest and worst of all, this version did not include illustrations which was a key feature…show more content…
They should make children believe like anything is possible and happy endings were the only endings that existed. Kids have been and always will be innocent and aren't aware that there are evil people around and should not know until they are ready to face the fact that yes; this world is evil and may suck. Young boys and girls should be enjoying their childhood, playing with their friends, imagining to have superpowers to rescue people from the bad guys, or even in training to become the most beautiful princess on a hunt to find her knight in shining armor. Kids should not be mind raped by evil people and their views on a particular fairytale story. Parents should start caring about their children’s childhood and be able to encourage them that fairy tales are good for them even if our world isn't perfect in reality. Don't you want to be able to pass down to generations these amazing fairy tale stories to your future kids and have your kids tell their kids about Cinderella, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, or Princess Jasmine from Aladdin? Although believing in these fairy tales at a young age is healthy for young children, they should also be taught to distinguish the fine line between reality and fairy tale. These fairy tales can easily give a child a false sense of reality if their grow up beliving that life will work out like an actual fairy tale. From all the…show more content…
Some humans believe that the brother's version of Cinderella is best to be kept because it shows the readers how their stories are more realistic than Disney's version. The Grimm brothers believe their interpretation of Cinderella would: “recognize, appreciate, and relate to other people in their own ways.” In this version of Cinderella they taught us that not all fairytales are perfect and those with evil personalities would be punished. Answer “Naysayer” In the Disney vs. Grimm article the writers says "Disney teaches children that whatever happens, the right approach is to forgive and forget. Neither of these morals are perfect, but The Grimm Brothers did a better job at giving kids advice and life lesson they can use throughout their lives." Jacob and Wilhelm tell their audience that even if someone has did wrong, always forgive them, but never forget what awful things they have done to

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