Negotiation Process Analysis

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Personnel The program wants to develop leadership skills, so students fill most positions within the organization with the Club Sports Director assignment the only exception. Each club holds elections each year to select leadership positions as directed by their constitution. Additionally, each club must have an instructor or coach that if possible is a Carleton faculty, student, or staff representative. Regardless of whether the instructor/coach is a Carleton representative or not the Club Sports Director must approve the selection. For approval, the coach/instructor must process a certification from a national organization or demonstrate through experience or background expertise in the sport (see Appendix E). Although not required, the coach/instructor is strongly encourage to maintain first aid and CPR certifications. All instructor/coach positons are voluntary and with a few exceptions do not receive compensation from the school. Periodically the Club Sports Director will evaluate each instructor/coach based on student satisfaction and performance (Carleton College, 2014a). This periodic review does not use a formal evaluation nor does the policy state the documentation requirements such as the retention policy. Because documentation is…show more content…
The program classifies violations as either minor or major infractions based on severity. For example, clubs receive a minor infraction for failure to submit required paperwork and a major infraction with unsportsmanlike conduct. Appendix G lists additional information on minor and major infractions including the available disciplinary actions that may result from rule violations. Clubs may appeal disciplinary actions through the executive council for minor infractions and the Club sports Director for major infractions. The Club Sports Guidebook establishes the following appeal process (Carleton College, 2014, p.

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