Labor Union Thesis Statement

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Labor Unions Thesis Statement This paper will define labor unions, what they are to the economy, their roles, structure, and their impact, describe the collective bargaining process and also explain how settlements can be realized. Introduction According to Bendix, (2000) a labor union is an association of employees and income earners who group to address the issue of salaries and wages, better working terms of the workers, handle discriminatory and mistreatment cases by employers, or solve any grievances arising between employers and the employees. Unions have been known to promote democracy in workplaces. This has been achieved through the collective bargaining process where workers unite and agree to address things in a uniform way,…show more content…
According to Weeks, (1995) union security refers to the extent to which an institution may allow its employees to join a labor union. There are various types of union security which include, The Rand Formula which does not compel all workers to the union but makes it compulsory for the workers to submit the union fees as they receive the services of the union in a collective bargaining agreement. The contributions are deducted directly from the employees' salaries and wages. Closed shop agreement is also another type of union security that mandates that every employee must be a member of a labor union upon employment and must remain a member until they leave the institution. In a union shop agreement, an employee does not have to be a member of a labor union, but upon employment, an institution compels them to become members of the labor union. Another union security type is the open shop agreement where an employee has the freedom to become a member of a labor union or not. If they do not become members, they do not submit the union…show more content…
The process starts with preparation where an organization and also a labor union selects members to comprise a team to take part in the negotiation process. Members of both sides must be proficient in negotiation and even laws governing the labor industry. In the discussion, both parties meet, discuss and pass the rules to be implemented during the negotiation process (Baderschneider, 1983). The individuals then make the opening avowals, drawing the various options and also suggesting the multiple solutions to the issues raised. The parties then go ahead to discuss the numerous proposals giving out multiple compromises and negotiating to reach an agreement that will favor both sides. After coming up with a draft agreement, the team drafts a final agreement that is signed by both parties and is implemented. Settlements are reached by discussing the date of implementation of the collective agreement results. This provides when the wages will be paid and also the introduction of any fresh benefits. The final agreement reached must be scrutinized and sealed in the presence of both

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