Persuasive Essay On Recycling

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Alex Schenker explains that “Recycling basically involves turning used materials that are labeled as recyclable over to your local waste facility designated in a disposal container as “recyclable” materials to be taken and reused as material for a new purpose.” There are many ways to recycle such as using a reusable bag for your items at the grocery store, putting recyclable products in recycling bins, and drinking out of reusable bottles. Waste has a huge negative impact on our environment, therefore recycling should be made more appealing to individuals by making it a convenient and common task while having the opportunity to save money. The society that we live in today is all about becoming more efficient, valuable, and innovative to…show more content…
Rather than having small and sometimes hard to read recycling symbols on the bottom of products I think that it should be required to but this symbol somewhere on the face of the product label so that it is more noticeable. Personally, I do not know the whole list of materials that are able to be recycled and because of this I sometimes find myself not bothering to check if it is a recyclable and end up throwing it away in the normal garbage bin. By requiring a recycling label to be placed on the face of these products I think that it will cause more individuals to acknowledge that what they are throwing away can be recycled instead. This will also help to spread awareness about recycling and make it more common for people to do. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, recycling has many benefits such as reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserving valuable natural resources, increasing economic security, preventing pollution, and saving energy. Recycling has many advantages that we sometimes take for granted. By making this little change to the labels of recyclable products, we will be making huge impact on the conditions of our

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