Masculinity In Don Levitt

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Masculinity, love, and pornography; these words are descriptive of some of the themes that the movie Don Jon explores starring Joseph Gorden-Levitt. Levitt plays Jon, a self-proclaimed “Don” who navigates life by focusing on what is important to him, including his family, women, and pornography. Jon frequents going to nightclubs with his friends, and there his displays his routine of judging girls on their looks, charming the ones that he deems to be the best looking, and taking them back to his house to have sex, or what he calls “to smash.” Although he participates in this routine, he is unable to form a deeper and meaningful relationship with women because of his chronic pornography use and praise. Scarlett Johansson plays the character Barbara, a beautiful woman whom Jon eventually gets in a relationship with and who is obsessed with an unrealistic view of love. Don Jon pokes fun at stereotypical gender roles through intentional representations of hyper-masculinity, over sexualization and objectification of female bodies, and unrealistic expectations of love.…show more content…
In each of the segments, the women are wearing either form-fitting clothing or something that shows quite a bit of skin. The cameras are focused on the breast and buttocks of the women. Showing the clips in rapid cessation in the beginning portrays the commonality of female sexualization in media and how women are constantly objectified. Jon looks at pornography and then judges the bodies of the women in the videos. For him, watching pornography is a way for him to “lose himself,” and he sees the bodies of the women in the video as far superior to women in real life, making it hard for him to create real-life relationships with

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