Johnny Corkscrew Short Story

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lily s redskins upon us. do you want to lose your scalp?" "shall i after him, captain, " asked pathetic smee, "and tickled him with johnny corkscrew?" smee had pleasant names for everything, and his cutlass was johnny corkscrew, because he wiggled it in the wound. one could mention many lovable traits in smee. for instance, after killing, it was his spectacles he wiped instead of his weapon. "johnny s a silent fellow, "he reminded hook. "not now, smee," hook said darkly. "he is the only one, and I want to mischief all the seven. scatter and look for them." the pirates disappeared among the trees, and in a moment their captain and smee were alone. hook heaved a heavy sigh, and i know not why it was, perhaps it was because of the soft beauty of the evening, but there came…show more content…
he spoke long and earnestly, but what it was all about smee, who was rather stupid, did not know in the least. anon he caught the word peter. "most of all," hook was saying passionately, "I want their captain peter pan. twas he cut off my arm. "he brandished the hook threateningly. "i have waited long to shake his hand with this. oh, i ll tear him!" "and yet," said smee, "i have often heard you saying that hook was worth score of hands, for combining the hair and other homely uses." "ay," the captain answered. "if I was a mother I would pray to have children born with this instead of that," and he cost a look of pride upon his iron hand and one of the scorn upon the other. then again he frowned. "peter flung my arm," he said, wincing, "to a crocodile that happened to be passing by." "i have often," said smee, "noticed your strange dread of crocodiles." "not of crocodiles, "hook corrected him, "but of that one crocodile." he lowered his voice. " its like my arm

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