Essay On Teenage Sexuality

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Modern attitudes of teenagers toward sex is without a doubt reflected by pornography, the way that some celebrities dress, and nude photos that they have exposed on the Internet. The porn stars, and the music videos that increasingly show sexual imagery, and some outrageous advertisements of porn, and sex spread by the media all affect teenagers in a negative way. A baby eats what you feed him. Children accept and adopt what society offers them. It’s a fact! Statistics show that the primary consumers of pornography are boys between the ages of 12 and 17. In fact, for many, pornography is their primary source of sexual education. This has very disturbing ramifications. “Teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS,” notes one report, “are completely…show more content…
Make sure that you don’t give cell phones to your teenagers, because the use of cell phones gives more freedom to those naive teens to have sex and get raped by those predators. They give their numbers to anybody, and make friends and take naked photos of themselves if this phone has cameras, and send them to other friends and even strangers. This is called “sexting” rather than “texting,” and is indecent. 4. Always talk to your children about sex. If you let friends or TV introduce them to the sex world instead of you, know that they will be taught the wrong way. Ignorance of the repercussions of sexual activity also plays a major role in teen pregnancy. 5. Make sure that your teen doesn’t have any access on the Internet or cable where she or he can watch pornographic images. The Internet can be used in doing homework in your presence or under your supervision. You can also put parental controls on cable and Internet to block unwanted access. 6. Always make sure that you tell them point-blank that if they get pregnant under your roof, they are out of it, and you don’t ever want to see them again. This might work as a deterrent. Don’t say it if you’re not willing to follow through on it

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